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The Girl from Penthorpe Hill is a modern family saga and compassionate story of a young girl assuming adult responsibilities as she tries to keep her family together, in various towns in England, after the tragic loss of her popular father.

Jasmine returns to her family home, Penthorpe Hill, in the beautiful English countryside, years later, and reunites with her father’s best friend. On her road to success, Jasmine eventually comes to terms with her early life and demonstrates that you can achieve anything with love, integrity, hard work and an open heart.

It is an intensely moving and delightful tale of self-discovery as Jasmine comes to terms with her past and all its challenges, and moves forward to embrace life in all its fullness (see reviews on www.goodreads.com).

Contribution the sequel, continues with the life of Poppy Anderson who was raised by Jasmine, her adopted grandmother in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. After a long life, Jasmine’s spiritual legacy lives on in the lives of Poppy and her best friend Sam, who plays a pivotal role in Poppy’s journey.

Poppy is a beautiful and compassionate young woman, dedicated to educating the world about our fragile planet. Her energy and passion for living life to the full, protecting the environment, helping others and striving to be the best she can, makes Poppy an international celebrity.

Contribution tells of the twists and turns in Poppy’s life, learning to grow and confronting heart-breaking challenges. Recovering from a tragedy in India, which changes her world forever, Poppy discovers there are many kinds of love and joy a person can experience in one life time.

Poppy ultimately takes a trip back to Penthorpe Hill and begins to understand for herself that true love has no end.

In both The Girl from Penthorpe Hill and Contribution Carol Clayton writes about resilient women with honesty of emotion, be it sorrow or joy, and of meeting life’s challenges with positive outcomes and the main character emerging the stronger for it. Readers not only genuinely care about the characters but, in many instances, can also identify with them. The stories are intensely moving as the characters explore relationships, love, loss, separation, self-discovery and moving forward to experience life in abundance. Both novels are truly satisfying and enjoyable reads.


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